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New features coming soon!

MyStartingLineups is working on new features to bring to the community. We'll be releasing a full development roadmap in the near future to share with everyone and set some expectations.

In the mean time, we'd love to hear from the community on what potential features, updates, etc they would like to see on MyStartingLineups.

Please reach out at to let us know your ideas! And stay tuned for updates in the near future!

Posted On 07/23/2019


MyStartingLineups is Growing!

We wanted to give a quick update on the MyStartingLineups community and growth over the past several months. We've continued to add and refine our database of starting lineup series, figures, images and relationship linking (teams/players/etc).

There is still a lot of work and clean-up to do, but we are well on our way to having a completed database for starting lineups!

As well as making strong headway on our database, our community has been growing and we'd like to extend a welc...
Posted On 07/23/2019


2018 Starting Lineup Stadium Giveaways

Major League Baseball teams are bringing back a fan favorite schedule promotion for 2018! Yes that's right, we get to see more of our current baseball stars in Starting Lineup Figure form with the **2018 Starting Lineup Stadium Giveaways**!

The schedule for which players are being released and when are still trickling in (not all teams have announced their full promotion schedule yet), and we'll update this article as we learn more.

For now, you see the slu giveaway schedule as it...
Posted On 02/22/2018


How to Manage your Collection

MyStartingLineups has a great set of features to help you manage your Starting Lineup figure collection. We provide series, team and player checklists that lists every figure that belongs to those respective series or groups.


MyStartingLineups Roadmap & Features

We just recently launched MyStartingLineups after months of work on design, development and data collection. However, we have a lot of great updates and features still in the works!

We wanted to provide a bit more information to keep our community informed on the plan moving forward, and what great features we're working on.

Our primary focus over the next several weeks will be to fix any inevitable bugs or minor issues with our site launch and to continue perfecting our starting...
Posted On 02/15/2018


Welcome to MyStartingLineups!

After months of design, development, and data-collection, MyStartingLineups is finally ready for starting lineup collectors everywhere! We've had an online presence in the slu marketplace for 10 years now and it was time to provide a richer experience for our little sector of the sports memorabilia world.

Our goal is to grow a vibrant and dedicated community of starting lineup figure collectors and enthusiasts, maintain the most accurate database of information related to these figures...
Posted On 02/15/2018