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The 1999 Hockey 12" Series consists of 7 starting lineup figures. We're still working on updating our Series with all correct data, images, figure variations and pricing data. Check back often as we complete our SLU Database!

1999 Hockey 12" Series Figures

1999 Hockey 12" Chris Osgood Starting Lineup Picture
Chris Osgood

Team Detroit Red Wings

1999 Hockey 12" Dominik Hasek Starting Lineup Picture
Dominik Hasek

Team Buffalo Sabres

1999 Hockey 12" Jaromir Jagr Starting Lineup Picture
Jaromir Jagr

Team Pittsburgh Penguins

1999 Hockey 12" Mark Messier Starting Lineup Picture
Mark Messier

Team Vancouver Canucks

1999 Hockey 12" Patrick Roy Starting Lineup Picture
Patrick Roy

Team Colorado Avalanche

1999 Hockey 12" Wayne Gretzky Starting Lineup Picture
Wayne Gretzky

Team New York Rangers

1999 Hockey 12" Wayne Gretzky (Kaybee Exclusive) Starting Lineup Picture
Wayne Gretzky (Kaybee Exclusive)