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The 1998 Football 12" Series consists of 8 starting lineup figures. We're still working on updating our Series with all correct data, images, figure variations and pricing data. Check back often as we complete our SLU Database!

1998 Football 12" Series Figures

1998 Football 12" Brett Favre Starting Lineup Picture
Brett Favre

Team Green Bay Packers

1998 Football 12" Dan Marino Starting Lineup Picture
Dan Marino

Team Miami Dolphins

1998 Football 12" Drew Bledsoe Starting Lineup Picture
Drew Bledsoe

Team New England Patriots

1998 Football 12" Jerry Rice Starting Lineup Picture
Jerry Rice

Team San Francisco 49ers

1998 Football 12" John Elway Starting Lineup Picture
John Elway

Team Denver Broncos

1998 Football 12" Kordell Stewart Starting Lineup Picture
Kordell Stewart

1998 Football 12" Troy Aikman Starting Lineup Picture
Troy Aikman