The 1998 Baseball Gary Sheffield starting lineup figure was produced in 1998.

This figure showcases Gary Sheffield for the Florida Marlins.

1998 Baseball Starting Lineup Figures

Starting Lineup 1998 Gary Sheffield Marlins
Type: Auction
Price: $12.99
Time Left: 6 days left
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MLB Baseball Gary Sheffield (1998) Starting Lineup Action Figure
Type: FixedPrice
Price: $9.98
Time Left: 17 days left
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Kenner Starting Lineup 1998 MLB Gary Sheffield Marlins action figure NEW!
Type: FixedPrice
Price: $4.95
Time Left: 22 days left
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1998 GARY SHEFFIELD final Florida Miami Marlins * FREE s/h * Starting Lineup
Type: StoreInventory
Price: $12.0
Time Left: 21 days left
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