Arnold Palmer 1998 12" Kenner Specials SLU Figure
  • series
    1998 12" Kenner Specials
  • series type
    12" Kenner Specials
  • player
  • variation
    Target Exclusive
The 1998 12" Kenner Specials Arnold Palmer starting lineup figure was produced in 1998.

A unique feature of this figure is it's a Target Exclusive.

1998 12" Kenner Specials Starting Lineup Figures

GOLF LEGENDS 1997 SAM SNEAD & 1998 ARNOLD PALMER Starting Lineup Figures FREE SH
Type: AuctionWithBIN
Price: $11.99
Time Left: 3 days left
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Arnold Palmer Starting Lineup Timeless Legends PGA Golf 12" Figure Doll 1998
Type: StoreInventory
Price: $19.99
Time Left: 28 days left
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MISB 1998 Arnold Palmer PGA Hasbro Starting Lineup Timeless Legends 11" Tall OSS
Type: FixedPrice
Price: $9.0
Time Left: 24 days left
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Boxed Arnold Palmer Starting Lineup Action Figure 1998 Timeless Legends
Type: StoreInventory
Price: $33.11
Time Left: 4 days left
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