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The 1996 Stadium Stars Series consists of 11 starting lineup figures. We're still working on updating our Series with all correct data, images, figure variations and pricing data. Check back often as we complete our SLU Database!

1996 Stadium Stars Series Figures

1996 Stadium Stars Albert Belle Starting Lineup Picture
Albert Belle

Team Cleveland Indians

1996 Stadium Stars Cal Ripken Jr. Starting Lineup Picture
Cal Ripken Jr.

Team Baltimore Orioles

1996 Stadium Stars Chuck Knoblauch Starting Lineup Picture
Chuck Knoblauch

Team Minnesota Twins

1996 Stadium Stars Darren Daulton Starting Lineup Picture
Darren Daulton

Team Philadelphia Phillies

1996 Stadium Stars Javy Lopez Starting Lineup Picture
Javy Lopez

Team Atlanta Braves

1996 Stadium Stars Jay Buhner Starting Lineup Picture
Jay Buhner

Team Seattle Mariners

1996 Stadium Stars Jose Canseco Starting Lineup Picture
Jose Canseco

Team Boston Red Sox

1996 Stadium Stars Mark Grace Starting Lineup Picture
Mark Grace

Team Chicago Cubs

1996 Stadium Stars Matt Williams Starting Lineup Picture
Matt Williams

Team San Francisco Giants

1996 Stadium Stars Mike Piazza Starting Lineup Picture
Mike Piazza

Team Los Angeles Dodgers

1996 Stadium Stars Robin Ventura Starting Lineup Picture
Robin Ventura

Team Chicago White Sox